Ditch the hiked rents and unusual demands of landlords! Experience lighter living with Goyal & Co.

December 13, 2022 | mins read

Finding a rental home in the city of Bengaluru is getting difficult as house hunters demand increased rents following the pandemic. Along with that, the residents are finding it impossible to cope with some fairly peculiar requirements by the landlords. According to No Broker’s half-yearly report (January to June of 2022), Bengaluru witnessed a surge in rent growth, up by 16.7% (Source: House-hunting gets tougher in Bengaluru; thanks to hiked rents, unusual demands of landlords – The Hindu).

Brokers concur that owners these days need to have some “unique needs.” For the rent to be paid on time, there are requirements like working for a software firm. They do not want to give homes to officials in the government or law enforcement. They also inquire about the types of individuals who might go to the homes of potential tenants. Additionally, there are the customer requirements such as not having dogs and only wanting vegetarian tenants.

The rise of such demands by the brokers significantly increased posts covid. To cope with this situation, individuals gradually started settling down by owning their properties. Especially the millennials who required a sense of safety, comfort, and convenience, outlined the definition of home ownership.

To provide homebuyers with the best living spaces with cutting-edge technology, Goyal & Co. | Hariyana Group builds homes with sheer excellence, dedication, and responsibility towards providing an experience to the buyer. By contributing some of the most beautiful residential buildings to the skyline of Bengaluru, they aim to provide peace and tranquillity, along with easy accessibility for the people.

Let’s take a look at 2 of Goyal & Co. | Hariyana Group’s properties that define a perfect blend of green life and a great life.

    • Orchid Whitefield:

It is a 6.35-acre vast facility with cutting-edge facilities, and is a brilliant illustration of evolution. These contemporary 2, 2.5, and 3 BHK apartments are situated near the IT parks in Whitefield’s lush green region, making it simple to commute to work while avoiding traffic jams and commotion. It is charmingly located in a cosy corner of a significant city suburb. Orchid Whitefield, a superb cooperation between Goyal & Co. and the Hariyana Group, meets all requirements for the new-age lifestyle. Unique features include co-working areas, a WiFi garden for working professionals, and a clubhouse at the highest level of this private enclave. It truly is your one-stop shop for a more healthful, holistic way of living.

    • Orchid Piccadilly:

Orchid Piccadilly is a magnificently constructed residence where one can find peace and live in harmony with nature. These quiet 2, 2.5, and 3BHK apartment buildings in Bangalore’s Thanisandra Main Road are the ideal combination of convenience and beauty, with all facilities just a short drive away. Orchid Piccadilly is well-planned and furnished with all contemporary amenities, including a multipurpose hall, gymnasium, swimming pool, and much more, thanks to the trust and quality that Goyal & Co | Hariyana Group. delivers. With Orchid Piccadilly, live in tranquillity like never before.

Here you are immersed in a setting that embodies the best of modern living. In a community that grows and thrives together, it delivers the best version of every facet of life. The group of like-minded individuals here welcome you into a different world where you feel secure and fulfilled and where joy permeates everything. Goyal & Co. wants its customers to have valuable experiences and create precious memories. People long for greenery and fresh air in today’s hectic metropolis. In light of this, Goyal & Co. ensures that enough open space and vegetation are present in all of its real estate projects.

So why deal with the hassles of traditional rental options when you can have a comfortable and hassle-free living experience with Goyal & Co. With their top-notch amenities, you can enjoy a lighter, more enjoyable living experience. Their properties feature modern appliances, spacious floor plans, and plenty of natural light. Communities even have access to pools, fitness centres, and other recreational facilities.

Goyal & Co. | Hariyana Group has mastered the art of designing spaces that prioritise quality, aesthetics, and cosy interiors to fulfil your aspirations. With innovative and ground-breaking ideas, their projects have a lot to offer, making you feel privileged about your investment. The ethos of #LifeAtGoyal is best embodied by memories that are best celebrate data place you can call home.

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