We strongly stand for fair business practices, honesty, and transparency. Everything we do stands the test of time and expectation. This quality is our foremost and ultimate benchmark.


We believe in compassion and respect towards human beings, be it our colleagues or clients. It is an integral part of our legacy. As an organisation, we proactively work towards the benefit of the communities we serve.


Our endeavour is always to achieve excellence in day-to-day functioning, and in the quality of all our projects and properties.


We function cohesively with colleagues, peers, clients and partners around the world, building strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding, and mutual cooperation.


We are sensitive to the communities and environments in which we work, ensuring that what comes from the people goes back to the people many times over.

Our Approach

Commitment to Quality & Excellence

Mr Rampurshottam Goyal’s legacy has inspired a whole new generation that is filled with a discerning fire to efficiently transcend Goyal & Co into the new millennium, creating new landmarks that are a culmination of experience and technology.

Promises etched in concrete

Over 5 decades our business has been built on a foundation of trust with our customers. The only way we have been able to live up to this is by the power of our promise. We commit and we deliver. Our promises are etched in concrete.

Trilok Goyal

A science graduate from Gujarat University, Trilok Goyal oversees the real estate development activities of the group in Ahmedabad. He plays a key role in the planning and implementation stages of all aspects of our projects.

Shivshankar Goyal

A commerce graduate from Gujarat University, Shivshankar Goyal chiefly looks after the marketing and sales of the company's various schemes and projects. As an instrumental part of the company's success he’s helped maintain and develop strong bonds across the board with partners and clients alike.

Sandip Goyal

A Civil Engineer from Karnataka University, Sandip Goyal is largely responsible for looking after the construction activities from start to end of all projects of the company. He ensures that we follow the highest quality parameters.

Mukesh Goyal

An MBA from Sydney University, Australia, in Finance & Marketing, Mukesh Goyal stewards our financial activities. In addition to that, he also oversees the land acquisition and corporate leasing.

Tanmay Goyal

A graduate from the University of North Carolina, USA, Tanmay Goyal exclusively presides over the development and sales of all the Bangalore based real estate projects.

Manan Goyal

A graduate from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Manan Goyal is the procurement head for the group and is instrumental in ensuring the products we source meet the highest quality standards.

Ongoing Projects