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February 22, 2023 | mins read

Since Independence, the architecture of the country has evolved, encapsulating the essence and vision of each decade. From the colonial style buildings to the modernist structures, the architecture of India has been constantly evolving and reflecting the socio-economic changes of the country. Each decade has witnessed a unique blend of influences that define the essence and vision of that era.

To throw light on this paradigm shift, Goyal & Co. recently released a podcast series called Spirit of Goyal. The brand took the onus to inform and educate patrons about the evolution of architecture, particularly the changing skyline of Ahmedabad in an interactive and impactful manner.

Spirit of Goyal was born to start a dialogue about the role of real estate in the evolution of design and architecture since Indian Independence. It invited some of industry’s finest architects that narrated a compelling revelation between architecture and other forms of art such as music, cognitive games, and childhood sketches.

This digital talk show entailed an in-depth narrative on:

  • Trust and assurance on the developer while investing in a property.

  • Redefining living and work spaces by integrating art in the digital age that exists today.

  • Evolution of architecture through the inspirations of modernist and brutalist architecture.

  • Integrating the principles of ecology, sustainability, and biodiversity while creating an ideal space.

  • The possibility of disaster that may occur while building a space in an upcoming vicinity.

  • Vernacular architecture that reflects regional design and the diversity of that particular geography.

  • Community living and fostering the lives of residents.

Spirit Of Goyal is a conversation with the best minds in the industry who provide an insight not only into the world of space and design but also a sneak peek into the artistic endeavour that goes behind creating landmarks which transform the skylines and the landscape of a city. The stalwarts that were invited on the podcast include:

  • Aniket Bhagwat:
  • A renowned professor and landscape architect, Aniket Bhagwat is a force to reckon with. Along with host Ekta Sandhir, he delves into the importance of music, the intricacies of space and the beauty of landscape architecture.

  • Gurjit Singh Matharoo:
  • A veteran in the industry, Architect Gurjit Singh Matharoo brings a unique ideology to his work by creating inspirational and functional spaces. In his conversation with host Ekta Sandhir, Mr. Gurjit sheds light on his life, his philosophy towards his work, and the unique architecture of his coveted office “Pool”.

  • Hiren Patel:
  • The embodiment of humility, Architect Hiren Patel has proved his ingenuity time again by crafting architectural marvels. In a candid conversation with host Ekta Sandhir, Mr. Hiren reveals the secret behind his constant creativity and sheds light on the various sources of his inspiration.

  • Apurva Amin:
  • A force to reckon with, Architect Apurva Amin has carved a niche in the world of architecture and transformed the way we perceive urban landscapes. Along with
    host Ekta Sandhir, Mr. Amin explores the importance of Architecture and the role of a city’s metabolism in reimagining the space we embody.

    Spirit of Goyal celebrates the legacy, beyond just the superficial level of design, by diving into the true essence of architecture. Bringing a new level of
    thought-provoking conversation, check out the official episodes on Spotify: