Sustainable Commercial Real Estate

August 07, 2022 | mins read

Sustainability has gained prominence in the last decade for its environmentally friendly approach. Many individuals are becoming more and more concerned about sustainability, particularly in the corporate sphere. This practice is becoming essential for the builders as well as the company owners, managers, and administrators.

Globally, commercial real estate is responsible for 40% of carbon emissions. In response to the atrocities of climate change, the real estate industry is now moving towards sustainability. Builders and investors today focus more on commercial spaces that follow the norms of sustainability as they are a great way of lowering carbon emissions, use of energy, and wastage of environmental factors. The growing interest of investors has encouraged the builders that serve this sector of the economy by being more aware and passionate. The desire to achieve Net Zero and carbon neutrality on a global scale has encouraged product developers to enhance their offerings to meet demands.

In the light of building sustainable commercial real estate, Bengaluru has been ranked 14th in the Asia Pacific region based on parameters like urbanisation pressure, climate risk, carbon emissions and government initiatives. Sustainability and preservation, together, hold abundant benefits for the environment and the workplace. Here are some advantages of investing in Bengaluru’s commercial real estate market:

    1. Economical

Going green can reduce your business cost dramatically. Sourcing and using natural materials is extremely viable. A sustainable space will help reduce the cost of power and water by having well-ventilated interiors and an effective irrigation system. The maintenance cost of such commercial spaces is comparatively less. For instance, choosing bamboo flooring instead of textured tiles is easily renewable at a lower cost.

    1. Ecological

Sustainable design is a great way of reducing carbon emissions, consumption of energy, and environmental resources. The use of natural light and ventilation cuts down costs and is proven to be a more eco-friendly option. Sustainable spaces are a step towards promising carbon neutrality and Net Zero. The use of low volatile organic compounds reduces the chances of indoor air pollution drastically.

    1. Well-Being

You may be surprised to know that sustainability can contribute to the mental well-being of employees. Workplaces can be transformed into healthy spaces with the presence of green design elements. Natural air and light can boost employees’ productivity by improving cognitive functioning. A pleasant work environment can reduce absenteeism, boost motivation, and increase job performance.

    1. Return of Investment

The APAC report suggests that India has the greenest bonds than any other countries worth USD 6.8 billion. Sustainable design elements will be regarded as globally regulated standards for creating commercial spaces over the course of the next ten years. One of the most popular trends in the industry of real estate is that of incorporating sustainable designs that yield a substantial ROI for its cost-effectiveness, a competitive edge, and expanding market opportunities.

Today, the contribution of commercial real-estate to the GDP of India accounts for a value of $200 billion, and is expected to grow at a rate of 13%. With a growing market and concern towards climate change, going green is a way of doing our bit towards the environment.

Bengaluru, a metro city full of fast-paced developments and corporate growth, was recognized at the top of the list of sustainable commercial spaces. Goyal & Co. | Hariyana Group believes in making projects which serve the community and the environment. We bring to you creativity, innovation, and sustainability, altogether.

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