Why do i need an occupancy certificate?

July 01, 2020 | 10 mins read

If your builder has sent you any communication that they have received an Occupancy Certificate, congratulations! This means you have chosen an ethical and reliable builder.

An Occupancy Certificate is issued by the concerned governing authorities on completion of a project, certifying that the property is constructed as per the by-laws and standards specified by the authorities. These are essential for the owner’s safety and comfort because they comprise checks on the fire safety, road clearances and other civic requirements.

An Occupancy Certificate confirms that a property has been legally constructed, and is fit to be occupied. No owner should move in to a constructed property unless they have proof of a valid Occupancy Certificate. According to the law, it is not necessary to have the certificate in hand while registering a new property. So, it often happens that owners are not even told of the existence of such a certificate and they end up taking possession without it.

Unfortunately, the consequences of moving in to a home without an Occupancy Certificate are many. Apart from the danger of living in a home that has not been cleared of safety hazards, there is the risk of not getting basic amenities. Any builder who tries to convince you otherwise, does not have your best interests at heart.

When you choose a builder, make it one of the questions you ask. If the Occupancy Certificate has been obtained, you can be rest assured that your builder cares about your comfort and your happiness with the property you have chosen. An ethical builder should have no problem giving you transparency with regards to the importance of providing you with an Occupancy Certificate.