Why invest in the real estate during COVID-19?

December 09, 2020 | 10 mins read

The economy, both globally and nationally, observed a radical shift in cash flow, financial security and the investment market. Whilst, a huge populace is struggling with liquid money, the comparatively stable segment of people are actively looking for unique investment opportunities.

The stability of real estate

So, where does the real investment sector stand amidst it all? Avid investors, who had proactively invested in the stock market are now exploring the opportunities in the real estate market. This paradigm shift is believed to be factored in because the real estate industry promises to be more stable when compared to the overtly volatile nature of the stock market, especially in today’s economy. For instance, an article by Financial Express deliberating upon investment scope suggested: “For investors, it is an opportunity to pick up marquee prime assets at values, which could have been unthinkable pre-Covid-19.”

The factors encouraging investment

Not only are the real estate rates low right now, but it also provides a much-needed sense of security. Several home buyers, with the right resources, are looking at this market as an opportunity to invest in a home. To further strengthen this observation, CNBCTV18.COM in an article wrote: “…one notices that real estate is emerging out from the distress to survival to recovery mode and will hopefully move towards a profitable path in the months to follow.”

The wiser choice

Due to the exponential rise in the work from home setups, the sales and leasing of the commercial properties are witnessing a setback. Yet, it is forecasted that “in the medium-term, however, we expect office assets to come back strongly though the impact would vary between cities. WFH, while becoming a norm for a certain percentage of the workforce for some occupiers, will not replace the office environment as we know of it.”

However, with the nation resurrecting from the long halt, even the real estate markets are on the path of recovery. According to various research reports, the residential real estate market in the Indian subcontinent stands on solid ground to provide a promising return of legitimate homebuyer enquiries, which are at 50% of the pre-COVID-19 levels in top cities. Thus, investing in residential projects can prove to be beneficial.

However, to make the case stronger, following are some encouraging reasons to invest in real estate:

  • High-end properties available at a lower rate
  • Currently, a lot of developers are offering lucrative prices on properties that seemed unattainable in a pre-COVID era.

  • Real estate is a stable asset
  • The advantage that real estate bears is that it’s not volatile. Whilst, the shift in the economy does affect the real estate industry as well, it doesn’t waver with the rapidness and fluctuations other industries, like the stock market, do.

  • Home loan interest rates at a record low
  • To encourage people to buy property, secure their future and oil the wheels of the economy, banks are offering incredible rates of interests, which can aid the buying process.

  • Better Deals
  • Apart from the ticket price decreasing for many properties, to attract and motivate the prospective client, a plethora of developers are offering unique deals that ensure that the property you choose comes at a huge bargain.

    To conclude, it’s abundantly clear that in this unpredictable world hit by the pandemic, the real estate market offers a tinge of respite to people looking to invest, securing a home or starting a business at a new workspace. So, if you are looking for a legitimate investment opportunity in the COVID-stricken world, then real estate is certainly a wise option to consider.