Smart workspaces redefined for better productivity

April 09, 2023 | mins read

Bangalore, the nation’s IT hub, is witnessing an increase in start-ups, which has completely changed the layout and style of offices. Small start-up businesses with clever, compact spaces and designs are now replacing large office spaces. Compared to a typical office setting, this workspace is rather unusual.

Over the past few years, there has been a surge of startups in Bangalore. Most of these ventures are launched by individual entrepreneurs and are either small or medium-sized. The size of the workforce can range from five to fifty employees, depending on the business’s nature. This makes the office space and infrastructure needs of these startups vastly different from those of the city’s corporate houses, technology companies, and conventional offices.

According to AR Ricky Doshi, who is an architect and the Founder & Proprietor of ARD Studio, start-ups have revolutionized office design and space utilization concepts. The designs are more daring and dynamic and move away from traditional office design conventions. Many start-ups have adopted a minimalist approach to design, emphasizing spaciousness and simplicity.

Due to limited resources, most start-ups start their operations in small spaces such as shared offices. However, as the business grows, their space requirements also increase over time. Hence, the workspace is designed to be flexible and adaptable to allow for expansion. The designer takes this into account while also ensuring that the workspaces are efficient.

A young workforce, a flat hierarchy, and a dynamic work culture are other important factors that have contributed to moving away from traditional office setups. The interiors of these offices are designed to reflect the energy and exuberance of the employees through creative designs, bright colors, and positive vibes.

Open layout with lively work area

Compared to a traditional office, the workspace of a start-up venture is vibrant and cheerful. The design is intentionally casual to make employees feel comfortable and at home. Newer start-ups incorporate various design elements that help create a lively work environment. According to Doshi, this introduction of such elements is due to the rising stress levels in the workplace. “People have come to realize the importance of keeping stress levels in check and striving to create a more friendly and cheerful work environment,” he adds.

With start-ups growing rapidly, the office design industry is coming up with innovative solutions to create efficient workspaces within limited space and budget constraints. Many start-ups have adopted an open layout that encourages regular interaction among employees. This layout is believed to enhance productivity, and it has become a popular choice for many start-ups.

The use of vibrant colors in the office design is both inspiring and in line with the overall theme. Additionally, the color of the walls is thought to break the monotony of the workspace and enhance the brand image. Due to limited space, the choice of office furniture is another important consideration. Bulky furniture is not practical, so a flexible seating plan that provides more open space is often preferred.

Recreational spaces in office

To alleviate the monotony of work schedules, numerous start-ups have included recreational spaces in their overall office design. These areas provide an opportunity to take a quality break during the workday.

Highlighting the importance of recreational spaces, Doshi explains, “Many employees experience high levels of stress due to work complexities, meeting deadlines, and other factors. This can severely affect an employee’s creativity. As a result, many companies have introduced recreational spaces such as rooftop gardens, gyms, cafeterias, or other spaces with natural light. Since employees typically work in a closed environment, these open recreational spaces offer a welcome break from the routine and boost their morale, resulting in better performance.”

In conclusion, Goyal & Co. | Hariyana Group has been constantly keeping up with these new trends by creating commercial spaces with a more holistic approach. These spaces not only provide an environment for the business to flourish, but also empower and motivate employees by fostering a more positive atmosphere

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