When investing in Gujarat, choose Ahmedabad Real Estate Market

April 14, 2021 | 10 mins read

The city recognised by UNESCO as the first World Heritage City of India, Ahmedabad has a glorious legacy of 611 years. The largest city of Gujarat, it has found a place on the global map as one of the fastest-growing economical and industrial hubs of the country. This progress is a result of the rapid increase in the establishment of various industries like textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, communication and commerce. 

All the economical and infrastructural boom over the past decade can be credited to the Smart City Project that has brought Ahmedabad in the same league as the various cosmopolitan metro cities of the country like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi. Now imagine, when the city germinates such potential how beneficial the real estate sector would be. Therefore, investing in the Ahmedabad real estate market can reap many benefits. Why? Following are the reasons:

  • Exponential Rise as a Cosmopolitan City 

In recent years, many industrial giants such as Tata, MNCs and IT firms have branched out into the city. As a result, the city is witnessing an exponential rise in migrants settling in the city and becoming homeowners. In comparison to other cities, Ahmedabad offers a more economical cost of living and tranquillity, which lures the migrants to settle here. As a result, the city boundaries are expanding and according to global standards the infrastructure is being built. Homes are accommodating to more unique and modern needs of the working force and at ticket prices that are a catch.

  • Overall Infrastructural Development 

In recent years, city planners have revamped Ahmedabad’s landscape with the rapid development of utility and lifestyle-enhancing constructions like the flyover to combat connectivity and traffic issues, metro development for city-wide connection, underpass connecting a stretch of 6-7 km and multiple new malls across the city. Along with that, there is an uproar of planned integrated townships in the developing areas of the city. 

  • Wide Portfolio of Projects 

Like the rise of townships, one can find a huge range of ticket prices and property types to choose from in Ahmedabad. The city is not married to one particular infrastructural setup. Right from affordable segments to luxury to boutique properties, the basket is quite diverse. There is something for every real estate requirement which is an encouragement for each socio-economic class. As a matter of note, in the past few years, the city has also seen a mix of integrated townships and standalone residential properties. Moreover, even in the commercial sector, a lot of innovation in infrastructure is marked upon. And the entire city has impeccable connectivity due to the public transport availability, like BRTS, AMTS and easy accessibility to auto-rickshaws and other cab services in nearly all areas. 


To sum it up neatly, Ahmedabad is a fantastic choice for buyers and investors seeking to put their money in the real estate market.  The city offers new-age projects and global standards in abundance at various ticket prices. With a promise of growth and enticing ROI, the city certainly is a city worth investing in. 

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