Why is it beneficial to buy a new property in the early stage?

April 26, 2024 | mins read

How to get the best apartments in Bangalore? While there are many considerations, one of the most overlooked ones is- buying homes during it’d ‘new launch’ phase. With multiple first-mover advantages, you can even have a home in the best residential areas in Bangalore.

Lurring, right? But what is a new launch property? What exactly are the advantages of buying a home during Its ‘New Launch’ phase? And what to keep in mind while buying a new property in its pre-launch stage?

Experts at Goyal answer all the questions.

What is the Early Stage Of A Property

The early stage, pre-launch or new launch stage refers to the initial phase of development or marketing before the property is officially launched. In most cases, during this stage, the groundwork has been laid, and no official marketing has been done for the property.

Is It Good To Buy Pre-Launch Property?

The early bird gets it all: offers, competitive prices, freedom to choose the unit.

Lower Prices, Better Deals

When you invest in a property during its pre-launch phase, you gain access to the best deals and prices, allowing you to secure a property probably at a lower cost. Many developers offer special discounts and early bird price cut-offs during this period.

This advantage means you can secure the same property as any late buyer but with lower capital investment.

More Choices For You

The benefit of buying a new property in the early stage extends beyond pricing and budgets; it grants you the opportunity to choose your desired unit, floor, direction, vastu and more. Get the most panoramic view for your home in Bangalore when you invest in a property early.

Mitigating Price Hikes

As projects progress, developers often adjust prices upwards to reflect increased demand, rising construction costs, or market dynamics. By securing your property early, you lock in the initial price, safeguarding yourself against future inflationary pressures. This strategic move not only preserves your investment but also provides peace of mind amidst fluctuating market conditions.

Smarter Investments

Combine the factor of time in your investment and you just made it smarter. Most of the new projects would develop in the best residential areas in Bangalore. Over time, with the development of surroundings, the value of your property would also grow. Offering stronger ROIs.

Buying Home in New Launch Stage: Things to Consider

Buying a pre-launched property can be exciting but comes with its own set of risks. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Developer Reputation

Research the developer’s track record, past projects, and reputation in the market. Look out for the commitments they are offering and the quality of their previous projects.

Legal Clearance

Ensure all necessary legal clearances and approvals are in place for the project. Seek the RERA no and certification, quality compliance and construction clearance documentation.


Evaluate the location for amenities, future growth prospects, and resale value. Factors like accessibility, future developments, and neighbourhood are important to keep in mind. 

Financial Considerations

Beyond the base price of the property, factor in additional costs such as registration fees, stamp duty, GST (where applicable), parking charges, and maintenance fees. Understanding the total outlay helps in accurate financial planning.

Completion Timeline

Get clarity on the expected completion timeline and builder-buyer agreement terms. Look for consistency in project delivery and whether they have a history of adhering to proposed timelines

Now you are set to make smarter investments with properties in the early stage. To know about forthcoming projects by Goyal and Co, head to our website.

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