Fostering Community Living, Building Friendships

May 25, 2022 | mins read

In India, community living is gradually displacing independent living as Indians prefer to live in a neighbourhood with pleasant and helpful neighbours to keep them company.

For a long time, community living or co-living has been a popular trend in Indian metropolitans. Community living is the greatest alternative, especially for professionals transferring from one city to another. Even old and young family members prefer living in a community to living separately.

For everyone, especially senior citizens, changing locations can be a profoundly emotional experience. They must leave their old acquaintances behind and begin anew in a new location. So community areas can help them connect with new people and make new friends.

Here is how Goyal & Co. is fostering community living through their residential projects

Building Parks
With the widespread use of the internet, it’s becoming increasingly typical to go from work to home without breaking the pattern. Individuals can meet their neighbours in person in parks.

Community parks can serve as gathering places for children and adults who love similar activities. Large events, such as parties or reunions, can be held on picnic grounds. Goyal & Co. designs parks with play areas for kids and cluster seating areas where people can sit and socialise.

It is essential to create a community centred on health and fitness. This isn’t just about getting some exercise but also creating new bonds. Goyal & Co. builts gyms in its estates equipped with the latest machines. Working out together in communities helps to keep the people within it motivated. These relationships and camaraderie help to add the element of purpose and intensity to an individual’s workout.

Indoor Games
A room full of games brings together people. Especially, when it is in the society you’re residing in, it makes you want to go there and spend some leisure time with your friends. When building a project, Goyal & Co. ensure to design a room full of indoor games to foster communities within.

Swimming Pool
Swimming pools are a great way to build communities. It is a community pool that brings people together. The projects by Goyal & Co. have swimming pools where people and kids can spend some time in the evenings or early mornings.

Small big events in the clubhouse once in a while are a great opportunity to meet new people and bond with them. Goyal & Co. builts clubhouses that house numerous activities where people can go and enjoy some time together.

Goyal & Co. has been one of the top builders in Ahmedabad since 1971. They are not just in the business of making spaces, but also creating spaces that build communities and add to the wellness and lifestyle of people. With every project that they design, they ensure to make community living easier for everyone.

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